I wanted my children’s stockings to be handmade by me. My stocking growing up was one that my mom had made for me, my husband also had a stocking that his mom had made him.  I wanted their stockings to be something special and made with a mothers love.  I also wanted their stockings to be a little larger than normal because I find myself struggling to find enough small items to fill a regular size stocking. I started by drawing my pattern out on a large sheet of paper. When I was happy with the general shape and size I cut it out remembering to allow a little extra space for my seams. I decided on fleece for the stockings because I wanted something soft and kid friendly but also durable and easy to work with.  I was able to make 3 stockings from one yard of fleece. If you were making smaller more standard sized stocking you could probably get four out of a yard. I made a loop by sewing a small strip of fleece into the top outside corner of my stockings. I bought two yards of fuzzy white trim and one package of rik rak this amount was perfect for three stockings. Starting at the outside seem I used a hot glue gun to glue my fur trim and rik rak. My son was so excited when he saw them he said “Wow Mama look! Giant socks!”