After making handprints on felt for me to use on our Christmas tree skirt my three year old asked me if he could do foot prints too. “Sure why not” I said. He loved how squishy and tickly the paint felt on his feet. We did one foot, cleaned it off and then did the other. I decided to make his footprints into little snowmen so I cut them out of the felt then painted on the snowmen’s face, hat and scarf. So fun and easy. Great for a snowy day project. Just glue a ribbon to the back to make an ornament. You could attach them together like mittens on s string. You could even glue them together back to back to make a double sided ornament or hang them in a window. You could make a winter scene to glue them onto or even attach them to a Christmas stocking. Have fun with it. These turned out so cute I might have to try and get his baby brothers footprints too.