My kids are huge Blues Clues fans. This year for my son Gabriel’s second birthday we decided to make his dreams come true and have a Blues Clues themed birthday. The kids had a blast and the grown ups are still talking about it. I made a Blues Clues cake, a card table Blues Clues house and dressed my kids up as Joe, Blue and Steve.

For the main activity for the birthday party I set up a real live Blues Clues game. Each kid got a notebook and a crayon when they arrived. I placed the clues and timed them strategically so that the last clue would come just before cake time. The first clue was a clock, the second was a candle, and the third one was a picture of the birthday boy. The kids loved it. It kept them busy all afternoon. They couldn’t wait to set up their own game when the game was finally done which led to even more fun.

I kept the menu kid friendly and easy. Home made Mac and cheese with stir ins broccoli, peas, tiny hot dogs, and corn was the main meal. To keep the grown ups happy I served vanilla pear cocktails. Fun was had by all.

Blues clues notebooks come in party packs. People make them at home on their printers and sell them on eBay and Etsy. I paid $20 for a dozen notebooks and crayons.


I made the blues clues house out of felt and used a hot glue gun to put it together. I used the measurements of my table to determine the measurements of the tops and sides. Excluding the table the materials for this project were less than $15.


This was my first attempt at using fondant. I learned some lessons for next time like using powdered sugar to help it from sticking to the rolling pin. All in all I was happy with the results a little more time and a little more practice and I might have been ready to tackle making Blue herself.

I bought the birthday balloons on Amazon. They cost less than $20 and they looked great. My favorite was the giant number 2.

Me and the birthday boy! He loved his Joe shirt. I made it by taking a turtleneck using fabric glue I glued a stripe and the squares onto the shirt. Easy and cheaper than trying to buy one on eBay though if you’re not feeling too crafty you can usually find Joe and Steve shirts on eBay.

I found these napkins in the party store. They were with a collection of dog themed party supplies and were the perfect touch. For plates I just used blue paper plates.

At Buy Buy baby I found birthday candles that spelled out his name. They were the perfect touch on the Blues Clues cake.