For my babies first birthday we thought what better way to celebrate our little peanut than with a Circus Peanut Party?! We had so much fun!

The menu was circus of course. We had popcorn and peanuts for snacks as guests arrived along with apples (I like to throw in a little healthy fruit or veggie option). The main meal was hot dogs, nachos and chili which was great because everything overlapped and went really well together. The adults and the kids were all happy with the meal choices. Dessert was cupcakes topped with circus peanuts and brownies dressed up with frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Circus peanuts were also set out with dessert along with little favor bags that said “Happiness is a Peanut” filled with circus peanuts.

For every party I like to add at least one hand made project. This time it was a circus tent made from hula hoops and almost 20 yards of fabric. It turned out so cute. We had a costume area with wigs and ties and clown noses and face paint.

Despite some gloomy morning weather the clouds cleared and the sun came out just in time. We all had a ball clowning around on Drew’s first birthday!