This year for Christmas eve we wanted to be home with our kids and keep things simple. My three year olds new favorite food is pepperoni pizza. I decided to make pizza, i just couldn’t help making them a little bit special for Christmas. So I made pepperoni pizza in the shape of a candy cane for the kids. For the adults sausage, and mushroom snowman pizza with a pepperoni scarf and olives for his face and his buttons.

For anyone interested in my gluten free crust I used a mix by Ogran. I did not follow the directions on the box. Well really I did everything but the yeast mixture. All gluten free pizza dough mixes seem to come out really heavy to me so instead of the water and yeast I added eggs to lighten up the dough. For two boxes of mix I used three extra large eggs. It worked well the dough was very light. We should get one thing clear pizza dough is one of those things that will never be the same gluten free you just can’t get that chewy consistency in the dough without gluten. That being said you can still make good pizza just don’t expect it to be exactly the same. This was the best dough I’ve made yet.

The candy cane pizza was a huge hit. I hid extra pepperoni under the cheese. Orion had fun helping me decorate the pizzas and showing them off to everyone before they went in the oven. The grandparents seemed to enjoy theirs too and snowman pizza doesn’t have to be just for Christmas I could see making these all winter long.