This is the menu for my sons Magical Woodland first birthday party.  I like to keep my menus on the healthy side. Especially for kids parties. I also want everyone to enjoy themselves and feel like they’ve been to a party when they’ve left.  All of my recipes are or can be made gluten free.  Many of the recipes are also dairy free or easily made that way by buying dairy free ingredients.  The only exception was the “snail swirl sandwhiches” which I made some that were gluten free and then bought some already made that contained gluten for my guests to enjoy. 

It is difficult for me to work with large amounts of gluten in my own kitchen because of the risk of cross contamination, even a few small crumbs can make me sick.  I don’t want my medical issues to interfere with my ability to throw a great party or my guests to enjoy themselves.  The great thing is if you do it right no one needs to know.  Even the pasta dish which was made with brown rice pasta everyone wanted the recipe for.  Several parents asked me how I got their kids to eat peas and wanted the recipe.  Unless I tell people they can’t really tell that there’s anything different. 

Snacks and Appetizers:
Babe Gabe trail mix
Orion’s chocolate muddy buddies
Nuts for the squirrels
Caterpillar kabobs

Snail Swirl Sandwhiches (spiral sandwhiches)
Mossy logs (pesto pasta salad)
Toadstool deviled eggs
Split Pea Soup
Gnome Made Chili
Magic Mushroom Soup

Fairy Berries and Cream (make your own parfaits)
Acorn Hershey kisses cookies
Cherry Vanilla Toadstool Cupcakes
Mint Brownie frog Cupcakes

Fairy Punch
Gnome Brew (apple cider)