I saw a salad recipe by Paula Dean that had fresh berries and spinach and a hot walnut dressing. You use some of the bacon grease to make the dressing. I modified that salad recipe to make mine.

Hard Boiled eggs 4-6
Raspberry vinaigrette dressing

I bought fresh spinach at the farmers market. I started my salad off by laying down my spinach first. I had cooked bacon and let it cool overnight. I cut my bacon in small pieces and tossed most of it in with the spinach. I left a little to the side to garnish the top. I tossed in most of the berries, again leaving some to garnish. I sliced my hard boiled eggs in half and then placed them on the top. I sprinkled the remaining bacon and berries over the top. I used a raspberry vinaigrette that I bought at the store. It was delicious and easy. A perfect salad for Easter brunch.